fantastic news

i’m trying to be healthier but no way can i give up cheese. so, here’s the compromise: i try to select goat first, sheep second, cow third. that’s why i felt no shame devouring a slab (a melting, gooey slab) of Quatre Feuilles, a French goat that truly thinks its a triple cream brie (maybe it is triple cream goat?).

Here’s what I found out recently (this, plus more, is all on Haystack Mountain’s website – Haystack produces several great goat cheeses.

Compared to cow milk dairy products, goat milk dairy products have:

  • 30% less calories
  • 40% less cholestorol
  • 45% less fat
  • 2x the protein

Goat milk cheese. It’s practically a carrot.


One response to “fantastic news

  1. Hi Laurie!! I love your blog! Goat cheese is also much lower in lactose, which for intolerant people like my wife is very helpful. And when the goat is old and does not give milk any more, there is nothing like a long-stewed goat on a cold winter night…

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