farina-a pre review

walking thru the mission tonight, we came across the blaring (safeway-esque) lights of farina. we hoped it was open but alas, not yet. “man, those thingies at the end look like sacramental offerings in a church“, said SA. “Me no likey all the different finishes on the chairs“, said SB….my witty addition was something like: “Is THAT where they’re gonna serve bread??”

Then we remembered, what the…???!! We are all excited to come here and admire anyone with the balls (stupidity/guts/cojones/audacity) to open a restaurant in SF these heady days.

So, I hope we all got that dose of cynicism out of us b/c it would truly suck if this came to pass as a reality: the pre-review.

premature schadenfreude. not a healthy thing.


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