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Is San Francisco Killing Its Restaurants?

This question posed by San Francisco Magazine. Answer: yes. (and yes, I’m very liberal politically and support health care for all).


time to buy the cow

as you may know, one can’t legally buy unpasturized milk cheese in the US unless it is more than 60 days old. This presents a serious (well, ok, relatively serious) problem if you are jonesing for some Epoisses. I just read about a pretty ingenious workaround, albeit one for dedicated cheeseheads (who may or may not live in Wisconsin): fractional cow ownership.

This sounds like something a curd-loving lawyer came up with….hmmmm…while i cannot buy said cheese, i can certainly consume it if i happen to already OWN it. it’s just the buying thats the rub here…..

Enter, Guidestone Farm. It’s simple: you buy part of the cow and your dividends = raw milk dairy products. Nothing illegal going on here, officer and while you’re standing there, could you slather some of the Camembert on a cracker and pass it on over?

To wash it all down, consider ordering a few bottles of completely contraband Absinthe
online….guaranteed to arrive safe and sound at your house or your $ back.

Who me, smuggle? Never. I’m too lazy.


hey! when i wasn’t busy ripping all the skin off my big toe today…. I (ok, AOC SF) was getting got a little love on a non-restaurant blog.

check us out at ask the vc (7/17 post) re: sweat equity in restaurant deals

parts ‘n parts ‘n chicken parts

good god i hope i’ve never eaten this.

100% chicken breast pieces shaped into natural breast fillets…. Vacuum marinated for best flavor”.


Dr. Seuss brings a smile

I got this today from a cherished colleague (who has spent a lot of time with the under 10 set lately) in a (successful) attempt to butter me up and lift me out of my foul mood.

The Cheese is meant to please……….never to tease or to appease. Cheese please! Sam I am. Strong cheese and full bodied cab……..firm fresh grapes and cured Italian ham…….never spam.

Sick Pay Update

Winston & Strawn came out with an update on this ordinance – it’s a recap of the OLSE’s clarification of some of the more nebulous areas of the law (but leaving others stuck in the muck…like the whole doctors note issue). It is well worth a read – this is great free information and very readable.  Or, you can peruse the OLSE’s page on Sick Pay  – which has FAQs and the poster every restaurant has to post (in all languages of the rainbow).

Unfortunately, W&S hasn’t posted it on their website (yet) but here’s where you sign up for the free briefings (click on “labor and employment”) and here’s the briefing on the original ordinance (which everyone is probably all too familiar with by now). Among other things, the Update covers:

  • Temporary workers undocumented employees (both covered)
  • Independent contractors (not covered)
  • Whether you earn sick time when you are out sick (um, no…think of it like frequent flyer miles)
  • Accrual rates for non exempt workers (ie: your salaried managers)
  • PTO / Vacation banks v. sick time (feel free to email me if you have Qs here)
  • The accrual cap and a warning here on oversimplification
  • Notification / Documentation (they punt here)