time to buy the cow

as you may know, one can’t legally buy unpasturized milk cheese in the US unless it is more than 60 days old. This presents a serious (well, ok, relatively serious) problem if you are jonesing for some Epoisses. I just read about a pretty ingenious workaround, albeit one for dedicated cheeseheads (who may or may not live in Wisconsin): fractional cow ownership.

This sounds like something a curd-loving lawyer came up with….hmmmm…while i cannot buy said cheese, i can certainly consume it if i happen to already OWN it. it’s just the buying thats the rub here…..

Enter, Guidestone Farm. It’s simple: you buy part of the cow and your dividends = raw milk dairy products. Nothing illegal going on here, officer and while you’re standing there, could you slather some of the Camembert on a cracker and pass it on over?

To wash it all down, consider ordering a few bottles of completely contraband Absinthe
online….guaranteed to arrive safe and sound at your house or your $ back.

Who me, smuggle? Never. I’m too lazy.


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