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Today’s “Only in San Francisco” moment

There was a big fire at one of my client’s yesterday, Original Joe’s. OJ’s is a 70 year old, family owned and operated restaurant in what could delicately be called a yet-to-be-gentrified area of the Tenderloin. Most of the staff has worked there 30+ years.  It is an institution in San Francisco.

Anyway, I think the uniqueness of this establishment and it’s truly diverse clientele and the sheer beauty of San Francisco can be summed up in this quote in the SF Chronicle’s coverage of the event:

“I always wanted to eat there,” Larry Edmond, who lives in a nearby residential hotel, said wistfully as he watched the fire crews. Heavily bearded, he wore a woman’s pink wig and sleigh bells on his wrists.


photo credit: SF Chronicle


please pass the holstein

Murray’s Cheese Shop is serious.

Shoppers don’t search* based on the traditional cow/sheep/goat metrics. Here, you choose between a dizzying array of sub-categories….are you in the mood for Friesian, Guernsey or Holstein cow? Perhaps a fine nubian alpine (goat) – definitely not primarily alpine. No way.

And, I love how the “customers who bought this also enjoyed xyz” (I’m sure there is a technical term for that) has made its way from the amazon/itunes world to the cheese universe!!

Sadly, the “I’m an equal opportunity cheese lover-surprise me!” link on the home page (is this where Google stole the “I’m feeling lucky” idea?) is not currently in service.

Back to the drawing board. Hm what’s this….a fine Raw Apline Chamoisee Goat’s milk cheese. Just what I was looking for.


* click on “cheese” on the home page to bring up the search page