please pass the holstein

Murray’s Cheese Shop is serious.

Shoppers don’t search* based on the traditional cow/sheep/goat metrics. Here, you choose between a dizzying array of sub-categories….are you in the mood for Friesian, Guernsey or Holstein cow? Perhaps a fine nubian alpine (goat) – definitely not primarily alpine. No way.

And, I love how the “customers who bought this also enjoyed xyz” (I’m sure there is a technical term for that) has made its way from the amazon/itunes world to the cheese universe!!

Sadly, the “I’m an equal opportunity cheese lover-surprise me!” link on the home page (is this where Google stole the “I’m feeling lucky” idea?) is not currently in service.

Back to the drawing board. Hm what’s this….a fine Raw Apline Chamoisee Goat’s milk cheese. Just what I was looking for.


* click on “cheese” on the home page to bring up the search page


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