Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Dilberito

The NYT had a story the other day about Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip….apparently, Scott invested in a restaurant a while back and more recently, has taken over day to day ownership of the fledging restaurant.

But what really caught my eye in this pretty bizzare story was the tale of the Dilberito, the “first and last product” of Adams’ food company. The Dilberito is nauseatingly described as “a vitamin-packed meatless burrito with a wheat-based meat substitute intended to give workaholics a full day’s worth of nourishment”.  Featured flavors include Spicy Mexican, Spicy Indian, BBQ and Garlic/Herb.  But what really puzzles me, even more than how the  “smoked non diary cheese” used in the BBQ version tastes, is this picture of Dilbert being chased by the giant purple bean – creepy.

So, anyone surprised this restaurant venture is not making $ hand over fist?