did someone say bacon?

I’ve never considered myself one of “those people”.

The bacon people.

You may have one in your life.

They talk obsessively about how bacon is the most karmically wonderfully thing going; they send you songs, ditties and odes to bacon (I admit to loving the Bacon Flowchart); they obsess about epicurean finds like Benton’s Bacon; they play games like Pass the Pigs

(.38% chance of rolling a “makin’ bacon’!); they peruse/ build websites like mrbaconpants.com; they own tshirts/baseball caps/bumper stickers that read “Bacon is Meat Candy”. Many of them are Europhiles; more than a handful are Jewish (albeit the majority non practicing) and not infrequently, they are even serious health nuts, outside of, er, bacon.

So, I’m not one of them. sure, I’ll snag a strip off my dining companion’s plate during brunch pretty consistently but I won’t order it on my own.

No, my “cigarette of the food world”, the thing that will happily cut my life expectancy by a couple of years, is cheese. Double cream, triple cream, due latte, semi-firm, aged, blue, 3 days old, whatever.

HOWEVER……. a dish that my friend Dan made me the other night has me actually thinking about buying some bacon and recreating this dish. 2 big perfectly cooked scallops wading in big puddles of bacon cream sauce. He is holding out on giving me the recipe. He is probably just looking out for my well being – does not want me to turn into one of “them”. Dan, I’ve tasted the sweet nectar. I promise to steer clear of chocolate covered bacon, bacon mints, and bacon-related facebook groups (including the 305 member religious group, The Church of Bacon). Gimme the goods. I promise to post it here when he cries uncle.


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