Viva Los Italianos!!

I may be biased (I only lived in Michigan for 4 years) but don’t you think bailing out the Parm farmers is a much better cause than the Big 3?  What is a more respectable product?  A goregous hunk of Parmigiano Reggiano or a Chrysler Le Baron (do they still make those?)?

Yes, Italy is spending 50M EU to help their struggling PR dairy farmers.    There seems to be a bit of sniffing going on b/c some second class Grana Padano folks are included in the effort.  I say, help one, help all.   Widen the net…help the Mozzarella masters, the Pecorino producers and of course, the Robiola retailer…..Tis the season for charitable works.

here’s a link to the story.  Note the excellent b&w picture of Parm about 1/2 way down the story…is this meant to symbolize the fractured state of the industry?  Very deep.  Very cheesy.


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