a list of my current favorites. some i work with, most i don’t. i know some of the owners, don’t know others. sometimes, i like them for specific reasons, which i’m happy to share w/you or in a few cases, am compelled to note below. i like a lot more than this, but these are just the ones i keep going back to lately, probably b/c some combination of the food, service and ambiance (but often not all 3) is great. i just noticed how many have the word “bar” in them. hm.

  • alembic
  • anchor oyster bar
  • aziza
  • bar crudo
  • bar bambino
  • bar tartine (4 cheese/charcute and the best bread in SF)
  • bossa nova
  • gialina
  • il borgo (quatro stagione pizza and scenes from an italian restaurant ambiance)
  • lolo
  • nopa
  • mario’s bohemian cigar bar (toasted sandwiches)
  • okina (sushi secret)
  • Scott Howard
  • yield wine bar

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